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SLANDER’s Journey to Headliner Status: A Goldrush Preview

Posted July 10, 2024

SLANDER can confidently say they are one of the leaders of the bass genre, and they have rightfully earned their spot. Not only do they produce songs that garner millions of listens, but they also command headlining spots live at festivals due to the massive crowds that gather whenever they play. SLANDER has created a path uniquely theirs on their way to the top, and I am excited to dive deep into why I think Slander has beaten the odds to make it all the way to the top.

While gaining some popularity in the electronic world is extremely tough, making it to a true headliner status is borderline impossible. An artist has to do many things right to even have a chance to make it to that level, including creating their own sound, building a strong brand, having a strong fan base, consistently producing music, and proving time and time again that their popularity is not just a fad. Throughout the last 10 years, SLANDER has accomplished all of that and more.

To start off, they have definitely created their own sound. They are pioneers of the heaven trap genre and have amazed millions of listeners with songs such as “Love is Gone,” “Love Again,” and “Gud Vibrations,” all of which are unmistakably SLANDER songs. They take this to the next level in their live sets as well, fusing their melodic sounds with heavy dubstep, creating a layered and full set that draws in crowds whenever they play. This fusion is something that any fan can look forward to when seeing them, and has gotten them millions of fans.

In my opinion, their unique fusion of sounds is what takes them to the next level. Many of their hits are more on the melodic side, making their music very accessible even to non-EDM fans, which unlocks an entirely new group of fans that most heavy EDM acts struggle to capture. This started their snowball, and strategic partnerships throughout the years, such as their Gud Vibrations partnership with NGHTMRE for not only a tour but an entire label, has given SLANDER extreme exposure, where their incredible discography has truly had the chance to shine.

SLANDER are one of the world’s best electronic producers, and they have shown they are here to stay. Their energy-filled sets draw in thousands of fans whenever they play, and their performances are not to be missed. Luckily for us, they are headlining Goldrush: Wild Card, taking place October 4th and 5th at the Phoenix Raceway—get your tickets here!

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