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The 5 Best Anti-Theft Fanny Packs

Posted May 1, 2024

Not a huge fan of carrying around a festival hydration pack or rave hydropack? Step into the ultimate festival fanny pack guide! Whether you’re prepping for a music festival, rave, or outdoor escapade, choosing the best fanny pack is crucial for your experience. This post shows you a range of choices, to assist you in pinpointing the perfect pack for your requirements. So, get ready (or sling it stylishly), as we embark on an exploration of festival must-haves and secure gear!

#1 Top pick: GenZ Outdoor Modular Anti-Theft Fanny Pack 

Concerned about pickpockets at festivals? Gen Z Outdoor’s Modular Anti-Theft Fanny Pack offers peace of mind with hidden pockets and a phone tether. But it’s not just secure, it’s stylish! 


  • Anti-theft: With features like hidden pockets and a phone tether, this stylish rave fanny pack offers top-notch security. Additionally, there is a loop inside of the pack to hook a clutchloop phone tether onto. GenZ Outdoor really thought of everything here. 
  • Organized Essentials: Multiple pockets keep your festival essentials separated and easily accessible.
  • Flexibility: Wear it as a fanny pack or sling bag, complementing any outfit. A stylish fanny pack for both men and women!


  • Limited Space: Festival veterans might prefer a larger bag for extensive packing needs.
  • Water Bottle Fit: The side mesh pocket might not accommodate all water bottle sizes.

Our Verdict: 

This pack is perfect for security-conscious individuals who value style. It’s ideal for everyday use or concerts, keeping your essentials close and protected in a fashionable way.”

#2 Thirst Trap Cup Holder Fanny Pack by GenZ Outdoor

Bid farewell to the hassle of drink juggling and greet hassle-free hydration! The Gen Z Outdoor Thirst Trap Fanny Pack, equipped with a built-in cup holder, lets you rave carefree while ensuring your drink stays secure. Here’s why it’s the ultimate festival must-have:


  • Hands-free hydration: Wave goodbye to the juggling act with the convenient built-in cup holder.
  • Spacious design: The main pocket easily fits all your festival essentials, and a hidden pocket keeps your valuables safe.
  • Compact & comfy: Designed to sit on your waist, it adjusts perfectly to fit your body, especially amidst crowded festival crowds.


  • Check storage space: Before you hit the festival grounds, ensure it accommodates all your essentials.
  • Cup size matters: Make sure your drink fits snugly into the holder to avoid any unwanted spills.

Our Verdict: Hands-free hydration reigns supreme with the GenZ Outdoor Fanny Pack! This one-of-a-kind festival essential is a total game-changer. Just remember your storage needs, as it may not accommodate all your essentials, leaving limited space for extras.

#3 Crossbody Fanny Pack

Festival season approaching? If you are looking for a cheap solution to carry your essentials, this amazon option could suit your needs. Let’s dive into our review:


  • Compact Comfort: The compact design could be ideal for hands-free festival roaming.
  • Multiple Compartments: Pockets are mentioned, but space for festival essentials are unclear.


  • Missing Anti-Theft Information: There are no details about slash-proof materials or secure closures.
  • Durability Mystery: Limited information on the brand, raise concerns about withstanding festival crowds.
  • Hydration Hold Up?: Unclear if it fits a hydration bladder, essential for staying cool at festivals.

Our Verdict:

It all depends on your priorities. This crossbody bag, while travel-friendly, might not be your best festival buddy.

Skip the question marks! Explore secure festival fanny packs for anti-theft features, secure compartments, and hydration compatibility. They’ll keep your belongings safe and your hydration on point, all festival long!

#4 Colorful hip pack

In search of a hip pack that complements your festival flair or vacation vibes? This fanny pack might be the eye-catching companion you’ve been looking for. It’s advertised for costumes, vacations, and festivals. Let’s explore its features and see if it’s the perfect match for your adventures.


  • Festival Fashion: With its multi-colored design, this fanny pack can add a touch of personality to your festival outfit or costume.
  • Organized Essentials: Pockets keep your belongings separated and easily accessible.
  • Compact: Like all festival sling bags, it offers hands-free carrying ideal for navigating crowds.


  • Size and Capacity: Consider the overall size of the pack and its capacity for bulkier items. 
  • Durability: Without established brand recognition, the long-term durability of the materials is unknown
  • Specific Use Case: Depending on your planned activities, this pack might be more suitable for festivals. Consider the materials and intended use before making a decision.

Our Verdict:

This waist pack is a good option for those seeking a stylish and convenient way to carry essentials at festivals or costume events. However, if you prioritize durability or need a fanny pack for heavier activities, further research might be necessary. It doesn’t include any anti-theft pockets nor the possibility of carrying any type of hydration bottle. While it might be good for vacations, it’s rarely recommended for festivals.

#5 Waterproof Fanny Pack

On the lookout for a water-resistant fanny pack to conquer your active lifestyle? This fanny pack is advertised for running, hiking, and other activities where keeping your belongings dry might be a concern. It boasts a compact design for hands-free convenience. Let’s explore its features and see if it’s the perfect match for your sweat sessions.


  • Waterproof Capability: The product seems water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor adventures.
  • Compact Comfort: The design offers hands-free carrying without feeling bulky, perfect for running.
  • Multiple Uses: Depending on the features, this pack might be suitable for various activities beyond running.


  • Information Gap: Details about materials, specific features (e.g., size, number of pockets), or user reviews might be limited. This makes it difficult to assess quality and functionality.
  • Brand Recognition: A not well-known brand raises questions about long-term use and customer service.

Our Verdict:

This water-resistant fanny pack could be a good option for those seeking a compact pack for running or other activities. However, the lack of detailed information might leave you wanting more. If you prioritize features like specific compartment sizes, established brands, this might not be just it. Consider your specific needs and compare features before making a decision.

The decision is in your hands.

Before picking your fanny pack, carefully evaluate your essentials, the desired level of security, and budget. If you’re seeking a secure, comfortable, and stylish festival companion, the GenZ Outdoor rave sling bag is probably the best choice.

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