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Artist Spotlight: Getter

Posted August 14, 2019

Author: Heather Kupka 

Getter, born Tanner Petulla, has been in the bass scene since 2010. He first began producing music while in high school. He played in bands as a drummer and guitarist prior, citing influences like Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina, but he started gaining recognition after releasing a number of remixes and tracks on labels Ultragore Recordings and Tuff Love Dubs.

Petulla started touring at the young age of 17, performing across the US and receiving support from industry leaders. By his 19th birthday, he had moved to Los Angeles and his career began to really take off. Getter was signed to Firepower Records in 2012 before signing with OWSLA, the record label founded by dubstep pioneer Skrillex, in 2015.

He continued to gain popularity when he began making “SUH Dude” vines with Nick Colletti and Dillon Francis that became a viral sensation and lead to a series of hilarious videos including Dillon Francis’ DJ World where Getter played characters who epitomize the dance music stereotypes.

2016 was a huge year for the rising bass star. He was featured on the OWSLA Worldwide Broadcast compilation and released his Radical Dude! EP. In August he released a high-profile remix of Marshmello’s “Alone” via Monstercat and a month later came his Wat The Frick EP. Speaking in an interview about the EP, Petulla said “My main goal for everything is that I want to put out something that everyone will like. Not just a basshead, or a trap dude, or whatever, but I want to have different worlds for each kind of music, so each EP will probably be pretty mixed up”.

In 2017 Petulla launched Shred Collective, his own record label, clothing brand, and artist collective. “Inhalant Abuse” was released as the label’s first track in March. The label has served as a home for the underground bass and hip-hop scene, featuring artists like NIC VIOLETS, ACE SAVAGE, SNEEK, and Getter’s hip-hop ego Terror Reid.

He first recorded a Terror Reid song in 2017 as a “joke,” but took it seriously enough to keep going.  “And, then I got to the point where I’m like, ‘Damn, I know how to do this better than any of these motherfuckers.’ That’s not me being a dick, that’s just — I’m confident in what I do,” Getter said.

Petulla’s style of producing/DJing has evolved through the years from massive dubstep tracks to a diverse assortment of genres which culminate to an ethereal, trap-light sound that still contains hard-hitting dubstep roots. Getter announced his debut full-length album, Visceral, in March of 2018, having released the first single “Colorblind” the month prior. Petulla explained that the album would move away from his dance music roots, opting for a more experimental sound.

The album had an accompanying tour but in April of 2019 Petulla canceled his ‘Visceral Tour’ early after criticism from fans at several venues who were not in favor of his changed music style. In a vulnerable tweet he said, “I thought this tour was an effort to make myself happy and prove to everybody that music is more than just raging on a weekend,” going on to say he had been booed by fans and had stuff thrown at him for not playing the “cookie-cutter bullshit they are used to. He acknowledged that criticism is healthy, but that the “constant hate and disgusting attitudes” had caused him to cancel the remainder of his tour. There was a plethora of support for Petulla from the EDM community following this from fans and artists alike such as Jauz, Louis The Child, Feed Me, Alison Wonderland, Ghastly and more.

After a brief hiatus to focus on his mental health, Getter gave fans an update in May, saying, “I’m gonna keep putting out music for me, and that’s it. I’m gonna have my management run socials for me so I can keep this mindset going. Everything else in my life has been going so well. I feel like I have some fuckin breathing room for once… I’ve been doing this almost 10 years, I know my path now so ima stick to it.”

Getter has since started to announce shows, including our own Goldrush Music Festival this September. You can catch him alongside Zhu, Alison Wonderland, Destructo, Oliver Heldens and more. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Getter: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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